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Kingdom Chronicles cheats, Mac OS X version

Kingdom Chronicles

About the game

Kingdom Chronicles is a strategy/time management game set in a medieval atmosphere.
This is an adventure story about John Brave who finds his homeland captured by a greedy villain and only he is courageous enough to fight and save the kingdom from total plunder. Control workers, clerks and warriors on your quest to restore the towns and villages, solve mysteries, defeat the enemies and restore order. Special magic skills and artifacts will assist to rescue the princess, defeat the villain, and save the homeland.


This guide only presents information. I am not liable for their improper use and/or any caused damage.

Getting the game

The game can be downloaded for Android, iOS, Mac OS X and Windows. You can see the website of the developer for the links, Aliasworlds.
However this guide refers only to the Mac OS X version.
The following cheats have been tested with the version 1.1 for Mac OS X downloadable from the App Store.


To enable the cheats, the game must be launched by specifying the argument -use-cheats. One way to do this is to execute the following command in a terminal window:

$ open -a Kingdom\ Chronicles --args -use-cheats

An alternative is to use the launcher downloadable from this page, see below.

After you press the key for a cheat, a sound warns that a cheat has been activated.

In order to disable the sound of activation of a cheat, you can add the argument -no-cheat-beep:

$ open -a Kingdom\ Chronicles --args -use-cheats -no-cheat-beep

In the menus
RReloads the screen, goes to the main menu
OInto the screen with the levels, unlocks all the levels
OInto the screen of the strategy guide, unlocks all the elements
OInto the screen of the art gallery, unlocks all the elements

During a game
RResets the level
TResets the time
EEnds the time
C1Wins the level with a gold medal
C2Wins the level with a silver medal
C3Wins the level with a bronze medal
C4Wins the level
ZPrevious level
XNext level
AIncrements all the resources by 1
HHides/shows the HUD
1Game speed 1
2Game speed 2
3Game speed 3
4Game speed 4
IWorks completed instantly
QSkip the tutorial
F01Gets the achievement "Diligent apprentice"
F02Gets the achievement "Novice carpenter"
F03Gets the achievement "First success"
F04Gets the achievement "Brave cleaner"
F05Gets the achievement "Boisterous builder"
F06Gets the achievement "Seasoned builder"
F07Gets the achievement "Daring rent collector"
F08Gets the achievement "Debtors' terror"
F09Gets the achievement "Good farmer"
F10Gets the achievement "Happy lumberjack"
F11Gets the achievement "Merry mason"
F12Gets the achievement "Gold prospector"
F13Gets the achievement "Seasoned farmer"
F14Gets the achievement "Capable lumberjack"
F15Gets the achievement "Skillful mason"
F16Gets the achievement "Expert miner"
F17Gets the achievement "Skill discovery"
F18Gets the achievement "Skill master"
F19Gets the achievement "Skill artist"
F20Gets the achievement "Skill tester"
F21Gets the achievement "Skill sovereign"
F22Gets the achievement "Fearless defender"
F23Gets the achievement "Invincible fighter"
F24Gets the achievement "Great warlord"
F25Gets the achievement "Brave annihilator"
F26Gets the achievement "Hardened destroyer"
F27Gets the achievement "Terminator"
F28Gets the achievement "Good deal"
F29Gets the achievement "Expert trader"
F30Gets the achievement "Major dealer"
F31Gets the achievement "Knight of the heart"
F32Gets the achievement "Knight of the crown"
F33Gets the achievement "Courageous liberator"
F34Gets the achievement "Champion"
F35Gets the achievement "What a hero!"

(*) The keys must be pressed in sequence. For example for F10 you must press the keys "f", "1" and "0".

Cheats launcher for Kingdom Chronicles

Launcher for Kingdom Chronicles for Mac OS X to enable the cheats:

Note: the game is required.

How to reset the game

To reset the game simply delete the folder ~/Library/Containers/com.aliasworlds.kingdomchroniclesfree, to do it you can execute the following command in a terminal window:

$ rm -R ~/Library/Containers/com.aliasworlds.kingdomchroniclesfree

Caution: the rm command is used to delete files and folders.

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