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Shot's Solver published

Shot's Solver is a web application that can solve the levels of the game Shot.

Shot is a game for smartphones. At the beginning of each level you have some balls onto the screen, the goal is to move them in order to have only one of them.
You can move a ball horizontally or vertically and if it will hit another ball, which will stop the first ball and will start to move in the same direction. If along the path there are no more balls, the moving one will go on out of the screen.

Shot's Solver helps you solving the levels: it shows you the moves step by step. You can just see the first ones and then stop, or you can see all of them. It's up to you.

To solve a level you should recreate it into the web page of Shot's Solver. It's quick and easy: just click to draw a ball, another click to remove it.
Click the "Solve" button and voil! You can see the moves by clicking the "Previous move" and "Next move" buttons.

You can find Shot's Solver into the Applications section of this web site.

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