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Reflexions - How to edit scores, unlock levels and achievements


The purpose of this guide is to explain how to edit a file created by the game Reflexions in order to modify the scores, the unlocked levels and the obtained achievements.

This guide has been written for Reflexions version 1.0.13 for Mac OS X. However it could be valid also for other versions of the game.

About the game

Reflexions is a game organized in levels. To complete each level you must move a ball in order to catch all the object on the screen, then you must move the ball toward an exit point.
The ball moves vertically or horizontally, when it reaches an obstacle it bounces. The only way to control the direction of the ball is flipping the obstacles, which are oblique rectangles.
You can't stop the ball.

Getting the game

You can download the game from MacUpdate.

Locate the right file

You should run and play the game at least one time to let it create the needed file.
Open the Terminal application (/Applications/Utilities/ and paste in its window the following command:

open -e ~/Library/Containers/com.yoyogames.reflexions/Data/Library/Containers/com.yoyogames.reflexions/Data/Library/Application\ Support/com.yoyogames.reflexions/reflexions.yyg

Then press enter. This will open the file created by Reflexions with TextEdit, so that you can edit it as you want.

Structure of the file

The file has at least four sections. Each of them start with a string like [sectionName] .
In each section there are properties defined like this: property=123.000000 .

Achievements section

From the [achievement] section you can enable the achievements.
The value for each property is 0.000000 (disabled) or 1.000000 (enabled).

Here you are the list of the properties for the achievements:

  • ach_tutorial neo neon
  • ach_world1 seeing the light
  • ach_world2 burning bright
  • ach_world3 neon night
  • ach_world4 star in flight
  • ach_20stars1 protostar world 1
  • ach_20stars2 protostar world 2
  • ach_20stars3 protostar world 3
  • ach_20stars4 protostar world 4
  • ach_30stars1 superstar world 1
  • ach_30stars2 superstar world 2
  • ach_30stars3 superstar world 3
  • ach_30stars4 superstar world 4
  • ach_120stars reflexion perfexion
  • ach_100diamonds rough diamond
  • ach_1000diamonds brilliant diamond
  • ach_10restarts persistance of time
  • ach_100flips prism ball
  • ach_1000flips refraxion
  • ach_10mines red dwarf
  • ach_100mines supernova
  • ach_10teleports quantum step
  • ach_100teleports quantum leap

Levels section

The section [levels] is the place where your data about completed levels is stored. When you complete a level 3 properties are written.

Each level has the following properties:

  • medalX How many stars you got when you completed the level. The value can be 0.000000, 1.000000, 2.000000 or 3.000000 .
  • timeX The score you got. Example: 225.000000 .
  • progX To enable the next level. The value can be 0.000000 (disabled) or 1.000000 (enabled).

Where X is the number of the level.

So, if you want to complete the level number 15 with 3 stars you should write something like:

medal15=3.000000 time15=123.000000 prog15=1.000000

Options section

From the [options] section you can enable or disable the sounds and the music by setting the properties sounds and music with the values 1.000000 for enabling or 0.000000 for disabling.
However this section is not interesting, because you can easily set that properties from the options menu of the game.

Stats section

From the [stats] section you can edit the statistical data of the game.

Here you are a list of some stats properties:

  • bounces How many times the ball bounced against walls and obstacles.
  • completes How many times you completed a level.
  • deaths How many times you clicked the obstacles in order to rotate them.
  • pickups How many "blue diamonds" you collected in total. Example: pickups=24.000000 .
  • restarts How many restarts you did. Example: restarts=4.000000 .

Final example

Here you can download an example file with all the completed levels and all the achievements:

You should open the zip file and put the yyg file in the right folder. To open that folder execute the following command from the Terminal:

open ~/Library/Containers/com.yoyogames.reflexions/Data/Library/Containers/com.yoyogames.reflexions/Data/Library/Application\ Support/com.yoyogames.reflexions

If there is already a file called reflexions.yyg you can replace it, but note that doing so you will lost the game scores and achievements that you currently have.
I suggest to rename the old file with a name like reflexions_bak.yyg .

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