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What is it?

Rimario Mac quickly finds the italian words that rhyme with a word you entered. You can choose how many final characters of the words must be equal to the entered one and if Rimario Mac must include among the results only the words that have a certain number of syllables.
Rimario Mac offers also the possibility to search all the words that match with a string containing wildcard characters. This is useful to solve some games like crosswords too.
The interface is in italian.


  • You can choose how many characters consider for the search
  • If you want, you can search only the words that have a certain number of syllables
  • You can choose if Rimario Mac must count the syllables in a "poetic" way, using the rule of the "sineresi", or not
  • You can exclude from the results some words thanks to the wildcard characters
  • You can search words using the wildcard characters
  • The search is done in an internal database containing 107591 italian words


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